Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Win a $50 gift card to Professional Kitchen Equipment in time for Father's Day!

With Father's Day coming up I have been wracking my brain for something to get my own Dad!

I don't know about you but I find it especially hard to buy for the men in my life. Men aren't always as vocal about what they want or need and there are only so many fishing lures you can buy them!

My Dad enjoys his grill, he enjoys it so much he won't let us take him out to lunch or dinner for Father's Day, he'd rather grill for us!

So I thought I'd cruise around the net to try and find him something!
Pro Kitchen Equipment caught my eye via a few giveaways they were doing via other bloggers, and boy do they have a wide selection of EVERYTHING kitchen related!

Pro Kitchen sells restaurant, bar, catering and kitchen home supplies and has pretty much everything I could possibly think of that would apply to cook or preparing any kind of food or drink!

They sell in bulk or by single items, steak knives by the dozen?!? How cool is that?

I surfed around the easy to navigate site, I got pulled in looking and found some stuff I'd like...but I was looking for my Dad!

They had a nice outdoor cooking section where I found something I had never seen or even thought of before! A nifty hot dog make-up tray!
My Dad usually just leaves them on the grill or lets them flop all over a plate, but this tray looks too neat! You put a hot dog bun in the slot, and then the hot dog and it holds it in place until you're ready to fix it up or eat it!

I also found this inexpensive cast aluminium hamburger press! My Dad loves to throw all kinds of seasoning and marinades into his burgers, and if he could press his own patties I bet there's all kinds of things he could come up with!

And right now if you go to their homepage and check out the right hand side bar Pro Kitchen has a contest going! Simply email the email listed in the contest box  and tell them why you deserve to win the $50 prize!

Simply as that!

But hurry the winner will be notified June 1st!


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