Sunday, August 22, 2010

CSN Household Fairies CatNip Fairy Review


Thanks to CSN Stores for the promotion code that went towards the buying of this fairy!
But just because they sent me the code doesn't mean it guaranteed a good review on my part.
I just honestly really like my fairy :)

In 1994, Prizm Incorporated was formed by Michele Johnson and Gary Meidinger, in the town of Manhattan, Kansas. They were eager to open a gift company of their own, and had met with a number of artists who they hoped might fit with their vision. One of these artists was James Browne, who is responsible for the Household Fairies line, and several others. James has illustrated several children's book, as well as a number of varied commissions. He has numerous works within his specialty of children's illustration and many fantasy illustration projects. He maintains his studio and residence, with his inspirational wife, Nadine, in Pennsylvania.

Over the years Prizm and Household Fairies have won several awards and nominations from the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers, NALED, and the Collectors Information Bureau, CIB. Their business continues to grow and has much more on the drawing board. They are always keeping the consumer and their unique tastes in mind, as they search for new artists throughout the country to work with.

This enchanting character will make you laugh and smile, and is perfect for your bookshelves, windowsills, and countertops! Part of Prizm, Inc.'s Household Fairies collection, this whimsical helper is created by renowned fantasy artist James Browne. Hand painted, and made of cold cast resin, this Cat Nip Fairy is absolutely adorable!


•Hand painted

•Made of cold cast resin

•Stands 5" tall •Packaged with a clear front

•Convenient for gift giving

•Created by James Browne

CatNip Fairy Leaving Pixie the Kitty a lil treat!

My Opinion!

Cute little fairy for cat and fairies lovers a like. Well Made, well painted, only iffy bit that does not show well in pictures is the blast of glued on? glitter on the wings.

The glitter was unexpected and a little off putting at first but fine once you get used to it.

Could the figurine done without it?
Does it ruin the figurine?
Nah not really, like a said just a little off putting at first as it was unexpected as it did not show in the picture.

All in all a very unique item as I have never seen a cat themed fairy before! So very cute! And in my case very collectible as I love fairies and I love my furbabies!

Now this lil cute CatNip Fairy will go in my curio cabinet along with the other fairies I have so Pixie the Kitty doesn't get a chance to maul her :) I think Pixie the Kitty enjoys breaking my fairy figurines as payback for naming her Pixie...none of my other furbabies pays them any attention...

Wanna but your own CatNip Fairy?

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