Monday, September 27, 2010

Keep those hands clean with OutLast™ Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer! Review and Giveaway!

Pixie the Kitty wants to remind everyone that Halloween is coming up!

Along with cooler weather there's also the passing out of treats and other goodies...

And where do most of those goodies go? Straight into hungry lil mouths!

And those lil hands that get the treats aren't always clean!

And who has time, to keep washing and or sanitizing hands on Halloween?

That's where OutLast™ Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer could come in reeeeeeeeeeal handy!

And it's not just for Halloween!
It's a germy, germy world out there and unfortunately, life doesn't take place in a bubble! Our families come into contact with literally millions of germs every day. Just think about all the things you touch daily like your cell phone, computer keyboard, shopping cart and even your own purse!

Unlike leading hand sanitizers that work for only two minutes, OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer kills germs on contact and can control germs for up to 6 hours.  OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer works longer because of its unique patented formula that was originally developed for hospital use. And it Kills 99.99% of germs on contact! How awesome is that?

MomSelect partnered with OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer to sponsor this review and giveaway and sent me some bottles of this awesome product to try out for myself and pass out to my friends and to host a giveaway!

My experience with OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer has been great!
Unlike some of the other hand sanitizers I've used before, OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer doesn't leave a sticky feel to my hands, in fact in my opinion it leaves a nice soft feeling to my skin after I've put it on.

Also another big plus for me to OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer is that it doesn't really have any smell, when I first put it on there is a very slight alcohol smell, but it doesn't last long at all.

I always try to keep my hands clean because I'm a big baby when it comes to being sick!,
I keep a bottle of sanitizer on my computer desk where I spend a lot of my free time and I'm almost always on the go, so I enjoy keeping a bottle of sanitizer in my car. The OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer bottle is compact and sturdy enough to brave the perils of my center console (where so many other bottles before it have died a horrible squishy death) so that earns it an A+ in my book

Over all I would prefer this brand to the other brands I have tried, due to the nice feeling it leaves on my hands and the lack of smell! And while nothing beats the old soap and water, this is a great product to help keep your hands clean when you don't have the chance to go to the sink!

Outlast is now available at select Albertsons grocery stores throughout Texas and Louisiana.

You can get a free sample here

or better yet you can win a free bottle here!

Lets get some clean hands!!
The wonderful MomSelect and OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer has given me the opportunity to giveaway a bottle of OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer to one of my terrific followers!

To Enter : Tell me how you get your hands dirty and leave your email address!

~The Prize~
A bottle of OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer 

To qualify for your first entry (and any extra entries) you MUST first tell me how you get your hands dirty and leave your email address!

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Thanks to Outlast and Momselect for providing the product!

Open to US and Canada residents only please. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm CST Sunday October 3rd. The winner will be chosen via a random number generator Monday October 4th and announced that same day before noon CST. The winner will be notified by email and required to claim the win within 48 hours. Mailing address will be requested and prize will be sent out by me.

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  1. How I get my hands dirty? Yuck, using the shopping carts at the store! Plus, using a public restroom! Even when I wash my hands, I use a paper towel to hold over the door handle to leave the rest room!
    Thanks for this giveaway, I'd like to try it due to the 6-hour lasting time! Thank you!
    Gloria P.S. Love Pixie the Cat's picture! LOL!

  2. 2nd entry: I am a Follower of yours on this blog.

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  4. 4th entry: I am an email subscriber of this blog.

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