Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Wild Bunch Zhu Zhu pets were here! (warning graphic heavy)

So Excited to Pick up the cake!
Tom Thumb Bakery did a WONDERFUL job
even more so because it survived the hour trip to my Dad's!

Mud Pie in Planter dishes!
Bottom layer is chocolate pudding, top layer is ground up chocolate animal crackers
Garnished with gummi worms/slugs/snails/grubs

Side view of the mud pie so you can see the layers!

Party Table ready and waiting!
Complete with:
 trail mix,
Carrot Juice (sunkist) Lettuce Juice (Sprite) and Beet Juice (Big Red)
Gummi worms, slugs, grubs, snails and mushrooms from Willy Wonka!
Mud Pie with worms and slugs!
And a Sweetie Cake!

Lil Diva with her Sweetie Bunny!

Had fun drawing the Wild Bunch Signs in Chalk!

We Played Handmade Zhu Zhu Bingo...wild bunch edition of course ;)
Gummi grubs were used as markers
ZhuZhu outfit and a bed were handed out to two winners!

A great time was had by all!

And I was really surprised how well a Zhuzhu can run on carpet! Didn't see that as possible, but they're powerful lil critters!

Also, tried to throw in a little education on what real skunks, rabbits, hedgehogs, and raccons eat....that kinda went over like a lead balloon...but I think they enjoyed the mud pies, and gummi gross things anyway!

Thank You again ZhuZhu and MomSelect
All the kids had a blast!
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  1. Oh my goodness, this party looks fantastic and the kids look so happy. And the cake was just perfect - wow, what a great job that bakery did on it. I am sure Lil Diva had a great time with all of her friends. You are the best big sister in the world!! Thanks for sharing the party with us.
    Best regards,