Monday, November 1, 2010

Elmer's CraftBond & X-ACTO Review from BZZ

As a BZZ Agent I get plenty of awesome opportunities to try out new and cool things!
Thanks to BZZ, Elmer's and X-Acto I was able to try out some new neato scrapbooking stuff!

I was given Tape runner, glue spots, a glue pen, a glue stick, two design scissors, and a rounding corner punch!

Now I wasn't sure what to do with everything as I'm a relative newbie to scrapbooking, but I very much loved the Elmer's Craft Bond glue pen and the X-Acto desgin scissors!

The Elmer's CraftBond glue pen made it super easy to put everything together, and the design scissors added an extra bit of flair to my page!

You can't see the edges as nice on the cut outs I did so I used some plain brown cardboard to show the edges the scissors made.

The one on the left is a nice zig zag triangle pattern, the one on the right is a nice round zig zag pattern!

Also want to let you know about the Elmers & X-ACTO “Crafting Memories Sweepstakes” which everyone can take part in. All you have to do to enter is join the totally amazing Elmers CraftIt! Club. It’s as easy as that!

And even if you don’t win, when you join you’ll be among the first to receive special offers, exclusive newsletters, updates on the latest designer sponsorships and new product news. It’s like you win even if you don’t win!

So what could you win?

• Grand Prize – One lucky winner will receive and Elmers/X-ACTO Prize

Pack that includes one of each item in the Elmers CraftBond and X-ACTO

Designer Series line ($219 retail value), PLUS two (2) $500 gift cards – one

to spend, and one to shop with a friend!

• Runners Up – Ten lucky winners will each receive a $25 Walmart gift card.

Can you imagine the amount of scrapbooking you could do with all that? I

mean the possibilities are endless.

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