Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review for CSN!!! IRIS USA, Inc. Airtight Pet Food Storage Container in Green

I received a $35 gift code from CSN to facilitate this review, it however does/did not affect my opinion.

I chose to review IRIS USA, Inc. Airtight Pet Food Storage Container in Green from CSN!
They also have the same thing in Navy, but I like the nice hunter green color better!

Before I received the "Iris" I would divide a BIGGGGG 16-20lb bag of cat food into 4 or 5 gallon ziploc bags to keep my furbabies food fresh...because goodness knows they won't eat ANYTHING stale...I would save money by buying the bigger bag of cat food, but dividing such a big bag into ziploc bags every month was such a pain!!! I almost always spilt a bit of cat food on the floor...and a couple of times the kitties would find the stored ziploc bags and CHEW on them...trying to get to the food!

What's this? - Pixie Kitty investigating the new Iris food storage

I ordered the Iris on November 2nd and I received the Iris on November 8th! I didn't put the wheels on, but just set the containers up in the downstairs bathroom where I feed my lil furbabies!

I put in a 16lb bag in the bottom container, but as you can see it could more than likely fit a lil bit bigger bag.
In the top I put in the many MANY loose bags of kat nip I had laying around the house (some with chew marks in them! more chewing bags for my babies!)

Kitty Nip up top!

Food Below! With room to spare!
With a price tag of only $24.95 and free shipping it can't be beat!
The food...and kat nip are as fresh smelling as the day I put them in there!
Very very happy with my purchase and so are my babies!

Princess Pixie Approves!

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  1. What a good Cat Mommy you are!! To be so nice and order something for your babies that will keep their food nice and fresh for them! :)