Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Cleopatra Literary Contest for Young Women

 I'd like to give a heads up to a writing contest for young ladies founded by Stephanie Dray called The Cleopatra Literary Contest for Young Women.

 It is an international writing contest aimed at discovering and mentoring aspiring young female writers.

Stephanie Dray's debut novel Lily of the Nile (Berkley Books; January 4, 2011) is an inspired blend of historical fiction and fantasy. Lily of the Nile unveils the little-known story of Princess Selene, daughter of the famous lovers Queen Cleopatra and Roman general Mark Antony. Born under a prophetic star, Selene loses her parents and her home--the Kingdom of Egypt--in the aftermath of Alexandria’s fall to Roman power. As a prisoner of Emperor Augustus, she struggles to find her voice in a Roman court of intrigue that debases her royal heritage and demonizes her faith…until the day a mysterious message of hieroglyphics carves itself into her flesh and Selene realizes the magic of Egypt and Isis still remain within her.

As a student of history herself, Stephanie wrote Lily of the Nile to encourage young women to learn from the past and to transcend the expectations of society to create a better tomorrow.

Which lead to the founding of the contest!

The contest is divided into two categories for ages 13 through 18 and ages 19 through 22 and asks writers to expand upon the universal themes found within Lily of the Nile by creatively relating them to their own lives.

Categories include poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, and short stories.

Contestants have the opportunity to compete for a grand prize in both age groups (choice between a Kindle Reader or a $100 prize) along with a month-long mentorship with Stephanie Dray as well as a personalized
critique from NY literary agent, Jennifer Schober of Spencerhill Associates. In addition, every finalist in the contest will receive an Ankh charm—the Egyptian symbol of life.

Rule and guideline submissions can be found here

Also Stay tuned for an upcoming review of Lily of the Nile! I'm looking forward to reading it!

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Non-Paid post, did receive an advanced copy of the Lily of the Nile to book does not = good review
All opinions are my own ;)

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  1. This sounds cool, but I don't know if they will let me entery three times...that's the only way I will meet the age know...sad, really.