Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random Acts of Zhu 2010!

To date this prolly has been the hardest blog post I've ever written, because there is so much emotion behind it for me.

First and foremost my heartfelt thanks go out to Cepia LLC, makers of ZhuZhu pets for the opportunity to participate in Random Acts of Zhu 2010.

Because of Cepia, as part of Random Acts of Zhu 2010, I was given 104 ZhuZhu pets. 100 to donate to the charity of my choice, 4 to keep if I wished. 100 ZhuZhus went to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth in memory of my cousin Hunter and 4 ZhuZhus will be going to Hunter's younger sister and brother.

When I was first approached about participating in Random Acts of Zhu I honestly cried. I was so happy, honored, and humbled to be asked to participate. I knew exactly where I would be making my donation!

Cook Children’s Medical Center!

My family and I have been making donations every year for quite some time to Cook Children’s Medical Center, and to be able to make such a LARGE donation filled my heart with joy!

Cook Children’s Medical Center holds a special, yet sad place in my heart because that's where my cousin Hunter received cancer treatment. Hunter died shortly before his 3rd birthday and would have been 15 this past October. So to be able to honor his memory and to be able to bring 100 smiles to the children who are currently at Cook Children’s Medical Center made me speechless!


I arrived home one day to 13 small boxes stacked by twos.....just almost about as tall as me on my front porch! I hurried them inside only for Pixie Kitty to quickly lay claim to them!

Pixie Kitty wanted to know if she could keep her tower 'o boxes

Pixie Kitty patiently supervised me opening each box....She even made sure the insides of the boxes were for sure empty for me!

This is what 100 smiles look like

As soon as I had the donations in hand I contacted Cook Children’s Medical Center to arrange for my donation! I spoke with the lovely Julie Doré who set up a time and date for me to bring by the new, unwrapped ZhuZhus for donation!

I was SO excited, even though I couldn't wrap all 100 ZhuZhus I wanted to at least put them in something a little festive! So I got a roll of some of my favorite wrapping paper, and a BIG shipping box from my Dad and went to town wrapping! But even the big shipping box wasn't big enough for 100 ZhuZhus so I had to tuck the last of the lil fellas in a handy dandy HANDLED printer box....(wish the bigger box had had handles...but it looked o so pretty!)

Me Wrapping the Uber BIG box to deliver the Zhu Zhu's in!

As per the arrangements with Julie, I was able to park right outside the main entrance to deliver my ZhuZhus! I grabbed a trolley and loaded up to wheel it all inside! The inside was so festive with lights and peppermint decorations! I wish I had a better camera to really capture how nice the decorations were!

The Entrance waiting area with the Tree and Santa Throne

Julie was sweet enough to pose with my donation because I'm a lil camera shy! After giving my donation to Julie she gave me a donation slip to fill out and I was on my way back home! I cannot tell you what an awesome rush it was to hand over all those toys knowing where they would be going!

Julie Doré in Front of the beautiful tree with my donation!

Close up! Thanks Julie, I'm camera shy ;)

It is so awesome and wonderful to help out special organizations like Cook Children’s Medical Center!

Places like hospitals, animal shelters, soup kitchens and many other places could use random acts of zhu (kindness)!

You can volunteer your time!

You can donate money and or goods!

Or if you don't think you can afford either of those options simply pass it on!
Let others who may be able to donate time and or money know the needs of these special organizations!

The power to make a difference lies within zhu!

My special thanks again to :

Cepia LLC for including me in Random Acts of Zhu 2010 and providing me the 104 ZhuZhus

Cook Children’s Medical Center for allowing me to use their name and the pictures I took!

Julie Doré the In-Kind Donations & Activity Coordinator who was so sweet and wonderful to let me take pictures of her!

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  1. How wonderful of you!!! You are truly an angel. This will bring such joy to all of the kids, and the good Lord is smiling down on you. I am so sorry for your little cousin, Hunter, losing his battle. Isn't he the most adorable little boy in that photo? But he is an angel now in Heaven, looking down on you and thanking you for getting this wonderful donation accomplished in his name. God bless you!

  2. Gloria, well said! I agree completely. That is AWESOME! Don't you wish you could see the kids with them. That was a wonderful thing!
    Thank you for sharing with us!