Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TunaTreats Gourmet Bonito Flakes from CitiKitty Review

Thanks to CitiKitty for sending me a sample to review, free product does not = a good review, all opinions are my own and my cats.... ;)

So I was super duper excited when someone from CitiKitty contacted me about doing a review of their new product TunaTreats, an all natural tuna treat for cats! I love to spoil my lil furbabies and I jumped at the chance for them to be able to try a new treat!

I love sushi, especially some spicy tuna! And in my mind this was like treating my babies to a bit of sushi....I mean it might not be raw fish wrapped in seaweed and rice, but it's dried fish right?.... ya that's the way my mind works.

I received a 2oz container of TunaTreats...which for only 2 ozs is HUGE at least to me.. and I LOVE that the treats come in a jar as my cats have been known to eat up the flimsy plastic bags other treat come in...

Big pluses already...

And then I opened the jar itself...BIG ole wave of fishy goodness's not bad bad, but it's STRONG and lets you know it is indeed 100% natural fish.

Let me just also mention I was in a room secluded from my kitties, which in hindsight was a good thing...I'll tell you why later...

So I took out a lil sliver, which is how the TunaTreats come in these nice shavings of Bonito fish, and gave it a lil poke and a prod because I AM that picky about what I feed my cats!

Looks like Ginger...smells like...well smells

I was happy enough to then give my darling Pixie Kitty a sample....
but first I wanted to experiment a little.

A little background on Pixie Kitty:
She was born very sickly and had all kinds of problems which resulted in her being deaf as a doornail...
So her sense of smell is greatly heightened....


Picture this...
Pixie Kitty sound asleep on the love seat amongst my after Christmas shopping
In comes mean ole Momma (that's me) and untwists the lid to the TunaTreats...

Pixie Kitty soundly asleep....lets see if she wakes up when I twist off the lid...

I kid you not, in like 0 to 60 her head popped up before I EVEN had the lid all the way off and before I could even fully set the container down her head was in the container and her tongue was lapping at the treats inside!

Popped awake and in no time flat before I could even set down the container had her head IN the jar

After she had gotten a couple of pieces I tried to take the container away from her....she actually got rather militant about it, growling and trying to pull it back with her paws....Pretty sure that means she likes it!

Om Nom Nom.....

I'd like to congratulate CitiKitty on making a food substitue for KittyNip, as my cats go just as nuts for TunaTreats as they do for their KittyNip...and that's saying something as they're all horrid lil KittyNip addicts!! I will for sure make TunaTreats a part of my regular kitty shopping list!

MINI UPDATE I've had to resort to actually hiding the TunaTreats container as the shelf I first put it on got raided by the lil addicts, knocked across the room and under a table where they proceeded to chew through the plastic container (unknown to me of course)

OMG They ate the container!!!

My only suggestions to CitiKitty are to add an addiction warning label and a steel container for the treats instead of plastic. Just kidding of course, but both most likely would not go amiss!

 From CitiKitty about TunaTreats

TunaTreats are:
  • 100% All Natural Bonito (Skip Jack Tuna)
  • A healthy treat for both cats and dogs
  • High in protein and amino acids
  • Promote both a shiny coat and healthy lifestyle

TunaTreats are available in three great sizes:

 2oz, 6oz, and 1 lb. containers

Our easy to handle grip jar is perfect for treat dispensing

Where can you buy TunaTreats?

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  1. VERY CUTE story about Pixie Kitty! AND, I can't believe they chewed the bottom to try to get to it! LOL!