Monday, March 21, 2011 Review

me in my spiffy new frames!

This is a non paid for, non endorsed review, I was just so pleased with my glasses and the service I received I had to share!

I'm ashamed to admit, but it's been roughly 14 years since I've had new frames...And my old frames weren't doing me any favors, as I've grown...(both up and out) since Jr High.

I'm also blind as a bat so it'd rather hard to find frames that look ok with coke bottle lenses.

So when had one of their free frame and lenses giveaways I hesitantly jumped on the freebie bandwagon. I mean for free what could it hurt?

I looked around the easy to navigate site, and sorted through my options and first picked out a cute little pair of purple baby phat frames. Put my order in with my prescription and after all was said and done, free was not free, but around $18ish with shipping and handling.

Ok still....$18ish was not bad for frames retailing around $130 with lenses.

So I was super excited waiting for my new glasses...week later I get an email saying they were sorry but the stock they had was gone and I would have to pick out another pair, but they would upgrade my shipping so I would get the replacement pair faster.

Ok no big deal, so again I went through the ever changing inventory (those frames go super quick, especially during a promo!!) and picked out this pair

Again...All excited! I got them fairly quickly too because they had upgraded my shipping! However, upon trying them on...they just didn't look right. Maybe it was because I had been so used to my small rounded frames, or maybe I just didn't dig the half frame. Whatever it was, the frames just weren't matter how pretty and new they were!

I was sad!

Then I figured it couldn't hurt to call and see what their return policy was...even If I had gotten the glasses for free.

I called and their customer service team was UBER nice, they walked me through the return process (which was slightly different for the free promo glasses, but that was to be expected)***
And I picked out another pair of frames (the ones in the very first picture) Vera Wang Gunmetal!
They were shipped out right away and I returned the first pair of glasses with the pre paid mailing slip I was emailed!

I LOVE my new glasses and after getting my refund on the shipping and handling on the first pair, my wonderful new glasses only cost me $18.15! The products and pricing are great and the customer service can't be beat! I highly recommend!

By the way, the $38 dollar any frame and basic lenses sale was extended until today, so if you're interested, you could get a really NICE pair of glasses for around $50 after shipping!

And if you're thinking about making an account/purchase, please consider using my referral link!

*** Normal return policy is as follows
If you need to return an order for any reason, our 365 day return policy makes it easy! If you need to exchange an order, just make sure the new product is of equal or lesser value than your original purchase. If it’s of higher value, you can simply cover the difference. Whether returning or exchanging, we’ll pay the return shipping!
Follow the steps below to return or exchange:

1. Call our Customer Care Team at 1-866-333-6888 and they will email you a pre-paid postage stamp.

2. Return items in their original package or a sturdy box to:

Coastal Contacts

1755 Boblett Street

Blaine, WA 98230

3. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your store credit, refund or exchange to be processed.

Note: Products must be in their original condition and contact lenses must not be within 6 months of their expiry date. We are unable to take responsibility for lost packages.

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