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IN STITCHES A review, an excerpt, and a GIVEAWAY! Ends 5/1

Dr Youn weaves an endearing and sometimes humorous biography of his struggles with his life in a demanding Korean family, his feelings of being a "nerdy" outsider, and his trials and tribulations of medical school on his way to becoming a successful plastic surgeon.

I found myself loving Dr. Youn's father "Steve" a hard working "baby doctor", who at times may seem harsh, but has such a strong love for his children you can't help but to admire him...even if his tactics may seem a little....misguided.

Please enjoy a small example from Dr. Youn's book!

Excerpt from In Stitches by Dr. Tony Youn

My first Christmas home from college.

The Christmas from hell.

First semester, over and done. I can’t wait to chill out at home. See friends. Go to parties. I even entertain thoughts of hooking up with Janine. Desperate men do desperate things.

My brother came home from Northwestern a day earlier. When I walk into the dining room and see Mike’s face, I know we’ve got a problem.

“Dad wants to talk to us.”

“About what?”

He shrugs, drums his fingers on the oak tabletop. If he knows, he’s not saying. I don’t press him. We sit without speaking for ten achingly long minutes until my parents arrive in the dining room. My father nods at my mother, steps farther into the room, leaves her framed in the doorway. “Your brother,” my father says to me.

A lump rises into my throat. Mike must be sick. I look at him. He looks down. I turn to my father. “What’s wrong?”

“Look.” My father slides a sheet of paper toward me. It flutters against my outstretched hand.

I pick up the paper and start to read: Northwestern University Official Transcript. I hand the paper back to my father. “This is none of my business. These are Mike’s grades.”

“No. Read. Please.”

I hesitate, then reluctantly scan the transcripts. One A, the rest B’s. I look helplessly at Mike. I don’t know why I’m here, why I’ve been included in what should be a private conversation between Mike and my father. Mike stares straight ahead. He looks numb.

“Your brother,” my father says, “has shamed the family.” He lowers his voice, speaks solemnly. “How can he become a doctor with grades like these? No way. Impossible.”

Normally, at this point, my brother would stand up to my father. But today, a week before Christmas, he doesn’t fight at all. He seems defeated.

“Michael, how?” My father leans back, then shoots up both hands in surrender. “How you get into med school? You need to study. Both of you.”

I blink, not understanding.

“You don’t study?” my father says, his voice rising. “You can’t become a doctor. You end up bum on the street. You have to study every day. Christmas, too.”

“I’m sorry,” I say. “I’m not sure what’s happening here. We finished school. Took our finals. We don’t have anything to study.”

My father pulls out a chair. On the seat, he has placed a stack of MCAT-prep books. Each one weighs in at three hundred pages, minimum. “You study these. MCAT prep.” My father holds, waiting for the fight in Mike to come out.

Mike shakes his head, amazed, stunned. I try a tiny laugh to soften the moment. “You mean a couple hours a day—”

“No, no,” my father says. “All day, every day. Otherwise—” A massive helpless shrug aimed at my mother. She nods sadly from the doorway. None of this is making sense. I look at my mother to get my bearings. She stares back, her mouth flat-lined in compliance. I look back at my father. “I thought we were going to L.A. for Christmas to see Grandma. We have plans, plane tickets—”

“No more,” my father says. “Not going to L.A. Not this year. This year you boys study. Very important. This year Daddy cancel Christmas.”

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  1. I Like In Stitches on Facebook -- *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  2. Dr. Youn is "a graduate of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, where much of IN STITCHES takes place".

  3. shukra likes In Stitches on fb!


  4. I don't have a Facebook page to "like" his book on there, so I had to go over to his website, and I am so glad I did! Thanks for giving the link -- I bookmarked it to go back to read more. He's so funny! OK, here's my entry for your giveaway: Dr. Youn, when he was young, wore braces for 10 years! Oh, he also seems to like the "F" word. LOL! He's a man after my own heart! ;)

  5. Dr. Youn has appeared on numerous television programs including frequent appearances on “The Rachael Ray Show” and “The CBS Early Show.” I’ve also appeared on “The Doctors,” “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Fox and Friends,” “Manswers,” and various celebrity plastic surgery specials on VH1 and E!.