Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Stitches

Dr. Anthony Youn, Detroit-based plastic surgeon and author of a very funny, very touching memoir called In Stitches - Dr. Youn's open and honest recount of becoming a doctor.

The book will be out April 26, through Simon & Schuster.

In Stitches is chock-full of pre-med and medical school experiences, but In Stitches isn't just a book about doctors. It's about not fitting in, about not knowing what's coming next and living with pressure from all sides, and it's about Dr. Youn's own life-changing experience with plastic surgery that ultimately led him to his current career.

Here's the link to the website and the prologue along with other links to other excerpts from the book!

Thanks to Sneak Attack Media I was sent an advanced copy to review...which I can't wait to start!...and I'll also have a giveaway for 2 of my lucky readers to win a copy!

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  1. Looking forward to the giveaway and thanks for "looking out" for us and getting copies for a nice giveaway! :)