Saturday, July 9, 2011

Caylee's Law

My friend Gloria made a great post on her blog that I fully agree with...please go check it out!

If not, at least consider signing a petition for a law that is being proposed by an Oklahoma mother that would make it a Federal crime, a Felony, to fail to report a child missing. She is also proposing that it be a Felony for a parent, legal guardian or caretaker to not notify law enforcement of the death of their child, accidental or otherwise, within one-hour of said death being discovered. She has called it "Caylee's Law."

If you wish to sign the petition, please click on the link below. Thank you.

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  1. God bless you for posting this too. The more people who see it and signe the petition, the better. I checked and there are over 900,000 people who have signed the petition so far! Do you believe it? 900,000 do not agree with the "Not Guilty" Casey Anthony verdict. They are showing it by signing the Petition for Caylee's Law. Yet isn't it sad that a LAW has to be put into effect because the Casey Anthony jury was so foolish to not see all of the evidence presented by the Prosecution in order to give a Guilty verdict? There might not have been justice for poor little Caylee then but, if Caylee's Law comes to pass, there will be eventual justice, in one way at least.