Saturday, July 2, 2011

CrowdTap and Old Navy Style Council Summer Shorts Party!!

Thanks to CrowdTap and Old Navy my daughters and I, plus one of their friends was able to enjoy Old Navy Summer Styles! I was provided, via CrowdTap and Old Navy, a coupon booklet that included 4 coupons, each one good for a free top, a free pair of shorts and a free accessory of our choice. Just because I was provided free stuff, does not affect my opinion ;)

Our Group with the AWESOME manager Michelle!

We had such an awesome time trying on all the stylish summer clothes Old Navy had to offer!
They had such a wide range of summer shorts great for any occasion!

New Modelquins?

Unfortunately our party went in the midst of the 50% off all shorts sale Old Navy had going and they had basically nothing over a size 10.....which was very sad for 2 of us, but we still modeled the very cute capris Old Navy had!

Beach Ready!

We found Old Navy to carry a nice variety of summer tops, ranging from lace accented camis, to Hello Kitty t-shirts! They had so many mix and match options it was pretty easy to create a beach look, a casual look, and a date look. In fact, had I a bathing suit I could have put together those 3 different looks with only a bathing suit, a pair of Old Navy shorts, a lace accented cami top, and two blouses!

My Oldest's Beach Outfit

We also all LOVED the pretty array of hair accessories and jewelry! There were so many sparklies to chose from! Both my daughters gravitated towards the uber cute butterfly headbands!

My Casual outfit!

I had originally allotted 2 hours for trying on clothes, but we could have easily spent 4 hours trying on all the fun clothes and hamming it up for the camera! The Old Navy staff was wonderful at helping us out and with our party and they were all super friendly! It was a wonderful experience!


aren't they cute?

I took so MANY pictures, but didn't want to overload the post ;) so those were the best of the best! My youngest and her friend were such cute lil modelquins!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. Great coupons. So were you still able to use all the coupons? On the capris? Thanks for sharing!