Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Cinema Twin Free MP3 Download

The Cinema Twin is helmed by duo Zollie Maynard and Jason Chimonides. A young Jason first saw Zollie's band (a fixture in the Tallahassee scene at the time) when they play his high school dance in 1987. The band became a source of inspiration for Jason's own burgeoning musical interest, and then years later, Jason and Zollie met again and began writing together. The reunion ultimately became The Cinema Twin, named for the now-defunct movie theater in their hometown, which provided them both with the cinematic imagery and influence that inspired them to be who they are today.

The music can best be described as smart, thoughtful dream-pop, and the latest release in their just-launched series of singles is the three-song Red Gtr., which features their original version of the song "Red Gtr." and a gorgeous rework done by the Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie.

Here's a download of the song for you to check out.

"Red Gtr. (Robin Guthrie Version)":

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