Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Winners are

Sorry for the delay, getting really fed up with our Internet provider Charter...Will be contacting ATT tomorrow...

I have two winners to announce, with only one entry in Song of the Nile Giveaway, Gloria is the winner

Then in the Winnie the Pooh giveaway out of 5 vaild entries ...the winner is...

 Kim said... 2

Piglet :)

kimkellydesigns at yahoo dot com

October 22, 2011 10:02 AM
Sending an email now, and you'll have 24 hours to confirm your win!
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY!!! New Studio Ghibli Release from Disney for 2012!!


Genre:                                      Animation/AdventureRating:                                     

TBDRelease Date:                           February 17, 2012

Voice Cast:      Bridgit Mendler, Amy Poehler, Carol Burnett, Will Arnett, David Henrie, Moises Aria

Director:                                   Hiromasa Yonebayashi
Producer:                                  Toshio Suzuki
Screenplay by :                         Hayao Miyazaki and Keiko Niwa

Based on “The Borrowers” by:    Mary Norton

Director – English Language Version: Gary Rydstrom

Executive Producers – English Language Version: Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall

English Language Screenplay by: Karey Kirkpatrick

Residing quietly beneath the floorboards are little people who live undetected in a secret world to be discovered, where the smallest may stand tallest of all.  From the legendary Studio Ghibli (“Spirited Away,” “Ponyo”) comes “The Secret World of Arrietty,” an animated adventure based on Mary Norton’s acclaimed children’s book series “The Borrowers.”

Arrietty (voice of Bridgit Mendler), a tiny, but tenacious 14-year-old, lives with her parents (voices of Will Arnett and Amy Poehler) in the recesses of a suburban garden home, unbeknownst to the homeowner and her housekeeper (voice of Carol Burnett). Like all little people, Arrietty (AIR-ee-ett-ee) remains hidden from view, except during occasional covert ventures beyond the floorboards to “borrow” scrap supplies like sugar cubes from her human hosts. But when 12-year-old Shawn (voice of David Henrie), a human boy who comes to stay in the home, discovers his mysterious housemate one evening, a secret friendship blossoms. If discovered, their relationship could drive Arrietty’s family from the home and straight into danger. The English language version of “The Secret World of Arrietty” was executive produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, and directed by Gary Rydstrom. The film hits theaters Feb. 17, 2012.

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most influential and admired filmmakers working in animation today and is a major figure in the Japanese cinematic landscape. His films have inspired moviegoers and colleagues around the world, from Pixar's John Lasseter to fantasist Guillermo del Toro to Chinese director Tsui Hark, and consistently top the box office in his native Japan. Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi, a top animator at Studio Ghibli, was responsible for the animation in a signature scene in “Ponyo,” in which Ponyo runs atop ocean waves.English language voice talent director Gary Rydstrom is a seven-time Academy AwardĂ’ winning sound designer/mixer (“Terminator 2: Judgment Day”). He joined Pixar Animation Studios as an animation film director in 2003.  His directorial debut for the studio was the Academy Award®-nominated short film “Lifted,” and he directed the short film “Hawaiian Vacation,” which was released with “Cars 2” in June 2011.Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are highly successful producing partners whose films, separately and together, include “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “E.T.,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?,” the Indiana Jones films and the Jurassic Park films. In total, Kennedy and Marshall have earned 11 Oscar® nominations. English language screenplay writer Karey Kilpatrick’s credits include “Spiderwick Chronicles” and “Over the Hedge,” which he also directed (with Tim Johnson).

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winnie The Pooh DVD BLU RAY Combo Pack on Sale today 10/25! Review!!

Walt Disney Animation Studios returns to the Hundred Acre Wood with "Winnie the Pooh," the first big-screen Pooh adventure from Disney's feature animation studios in more than 35 years. With the timeless charm, wit and whimsy of the original featurettes, this all-new movie reunites audiences with the philosophical "bear of very little brain" and friends Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl, Kanga, Roo-and last, but certainly not least, Eeyore, who has lost his tail.

"The entire story takes place in the course of a day," says director Don Hall. "It's business as usual in the Hundred Acre Wood. Pooh wakes up absolutely famished and he happens to have no honey. So that sets him out on his journey, which is ultimately derailed-first by a contest to find Eeyore a new tail."
Pooh later finds a note from Christopher Robin that reads: "Gone out. Busy. Back soon." But then Owl misinterprets the note, proclaiming that the boy has been captured by a creature called a "Backson." Soon, the whole gang is on a wild quest to save Christopher Robin from the imaginary culprit. It turns out to be a very busy day for a bear who simply hoped to find some honey.

Disc 1 - Blu-ray
  • Feature Film
  • Exclusive Winnie The Pooh And His Story Too
  • Exclusive Sing Along With The Movie
  • 5 Deleted Scenes With Director Intro
  • "The Ballad of Nessie" Theatrical Short
  • Mini Adventures of Winnie The Pooh: "Pooh's Balloon" Short

Disc 2 - DVD
  • Feature Film
  • 3 Deleted Scenes With Director Intro
  • "The Ballad of Nessie" Theatrical Short
  • Mini Adventures of Winnie The Pooh: "Pooh's Balloon" Short

I'm from the old school of Pooh, the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh from the late 70's is the one I grew up with. With the voice talents of Sterling Holloway as Pooh Himself, and the classic song Heffalumps and Woozels I thought the new Winnie the Pooh movie would pale in comparison.....however it gave the Pooh of my childhood a good run for it's money!

Jim Cummings steps in Sterling's place almost seamlessly, he mimics Sterling's voice to where you almost can't tell the difference! John Cleese from Monty Python fame takes over the reins as narrator with charming wit and humour and to top it all off Zooey Deschanel adds her beautiful vocals to the soundtrack!

I'm seriously going to have to rewatch Many Adventures just to see if there were as many jokes that appealed to adults as well as children like Winnie the Pooh has! And of course I defy anyone that watches Winnie the Pooh not to get " A Pooh Bear Takes Care of His Tummy" NOT  stuck in their heads....I mean come on...a duet with a burbling doesn't get any cuter than that!

Right now there is a coupon here good for $5 off the 3 disc combo pack that's good until 11/1

I received a review copy in return for my honest opinion

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Song of the Nile by Stephanie Dray REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY!!

Release Date
October 4, 2011

**From the Press Release**

In January 2011, Stephanie Dray’s critically acclaimed Lily of the Nile introduced Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Cleopatra and Marc Antony, to readers. Heir to one empire and prisoner of another, it fell to Princess Selene to save her brothers, outwit Augustus Caesar and reclaim the throne of Egypt.
With the captivating sequel, Song of the Nile, released October 4th 2011, Selene returns not as a prisoner of Rome but as the bride of King Juba of Mauretania--and as Mauretania’s Queen.


Sorceress. Seductress. Schemer. Cleopatra’s daughter has become the emperor’s most unlikely apprentice and the one woman who can destroy his empire…

Having survived her perilous childhood as a royal captive of Rome, Selene pledged her loyalty to Augustus and swore she would become his very own Cleopatra. Now the young queen faces an uncertain destiny in a foreign land.

Forced to marry a man of the emperor’s choosing, Selene will not allow her new husband to rule in her name. She quickly establishes herself as a capable leader in her own right and as a religious icon. Beginning the hard work of building a new nation, she wins the love of her new subjects and makes herself vital to Rome by bringing forth bountiful harvests.

But it’s the magic of Isis flowing through her veins that makes her indispensable to the emperor. Against a backdrop of imperial politics and religious persecution, Cleopatra’s daughter beguiles her way to the very precipice of power. She has never forgotten her birthright, but will the price of her mother’s throne be more than she’s willing to pay?

Berkley Trade October 2011 (Trade Paperback)

Song of the Nile by Stephanie Dray
Berkley Trade October 2011 (Trade Paperback, 416 pages)
# ISBN-10: 0425243044
# ISBN-13: 9780425243046

About the Author:

Stephanie graduated from Smith, a small women’s college in Massachusetts where–to the consternation of her devoted professors–she was unable to master Latin. However, her focus on Middle Eastern Studies gave her a deeper understanding of the consequences of Egypt’s ancient clash with Rome, both in terms of the still-extant tensions between East and West as well as the worldwide decline of female-oriented religion.

Before she wrote novels, Stephanie was a lawyer, a game designer, and a teacher. Now she uses the transformative power of magic realism to illuminate the stories of women in history and inspire the young women of today. She remains fascinated by all things Roman or Egyptian and has–to the consternation of her devoted husband–collected a house full of cats and ancient artifacts.

You may remember I reviewed (...and loved!) the first book in this series Lily of the Nile. That being said, I was delighted to be given the chance to read more of Cleopatra Selene's adventures in Augustus' Rome...And I wasn't disappointed!

I find it SOOOOO hard to be able to give a review on this book as it has SOOOO much in it!! And believe me I gobbled up every new twist and turn in Selene's story! I can of course in good conscious say that the reader will be treated to the royal wedding of Selene and Juba, and we get to see how they both travel to their new Kingdom Mauretania and settle into being a King and Queen.

It was wonderful to still get glimpses into Julia's life because I enjoyed her character, and Ms Dray is a woman after my own heart keeping Bast alive and well in this book...please keep her that way ;) Yay for kitties! And Of course Selene is older in this book...which presents more difficult challenges...being a young woman in a world mostly governed by men comes with it's own new set of problems. It was nice to see that nice transition to child to young woman even though some trials were difficult to watch the sweet herione go was quite an emotional book...but very rewarding and I can't wait for the third book!!!

Oh and a few minor warnings that I'd like to mention, though given the subject matter and the historical time frame it shouldn't be too surprising. There is the issues of incestuous relationships ( though nothing too nothing graphic),and rape (again nothing too graphic)....again nothing too surprising given the book involves Egyptian Royalty and Romans!

Simply do one or more of the following
(each one counts as one entry, please leave a separate comment for each entry...and don't forget to leave an email address so I can contact you if you win!)

Join Stephanie's Newletter here
Follow her on Twitter here (please leave your twitter name in entry comment)
Follow her on facebook here (please leave facebook name in comment)

Giveaway is open to US and Canada, Giveaway ends Friday October 28th 11:59pm, Winner will be drawn and announced the following day.

I was sent the book "Song of the Nile" free to review and offered a copy for a lucky reader,  however just because I got a free book did in no way shape my judgement of said book......that is all ;)

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Friday, October 21, 2011

YAY! Fright Night on DVD 12/13!!!!


Bring Home the Action-Packed, Blood-Sucking Thriller with Bite

“…. Colin Farrell really gets the blood pumping.”
-- Alynda Wheat, People

On Blu-ray 3D™, Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital and On-Demand, December 13, 2011

Complete with never-before-seen, UNRATED bonus features that add to a bloody good time

BURBANK, Calif., October 14, 2011 — DreamWorks Pictures’ Fright Night, starring Colin Farrell, arrives on December 13, 2011 just in time to take a bite out of the holidays on Blu-ray 3D™, Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital and On-Demand. Inspired by the 1985 gothic horror cult classic and directed by Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl, Mr. Woodcock), all hell breaks loose when High School Senior Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) discovers his charming new neighbor Jerry (Farrell) is a Vampire preying on his neighborhood.

Packed with un-rated bonus features, the Blu-ray release includes a fang-in-cheek mockumentary “Peter Vincent: Swim Inside My Mind,” a hilarious satirical look at David Tennant’s egocentric “rock star” anti-hero character, Peter Vincent; “The Official How to Make a Funny Vampire Movie Guide;” “Squid Man: Extended and Uncut;” “Frightful Facts & Terrifying Trivia;” “Deleted Scenes;” and a “Gag Reel.” Also included is the uncensored “No One Believes Me” music video directed by Fright Night’s director Craig Gillespie and performed by hip hop recording artist Kid Cudi.

Proclaimed, “A Bloody Good Time” by Trey Alexander (, Fright Night features an all-star cast including: Colin Farrell (Horrible Bosses, Crazy Heart), Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Terminator Salvation), Toni Collette (Academy Award® nominee for The Sixth Sense, and Golden Globe® winner for United States of Tara), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Kick Ass, Superbad), David Tennant (Dr. Who, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and Imogen Poots (Jane Eyre, 28 Weeks Later).

Charley (Anton Yelchin) is a high school senior who’s on top of the world—he’s running with the popular crowd and dating Amy (Imogen Poots), the most coveted girl in school. But trouble arrives when Jerry (Colin Farrell) moves in next door. He seems like a nice guy––at first. But there’s something not quite right, and no one else, including Charley’s mom (Toni Collette) seems to notice. After his classmates start to mysteriously disappear without a trace, Charlie discovers that there is more to his new neighbor than meets the eye. Now he must do all he can to protect his mom and girlfriend Amy from meeting the same fate as his best friend Ed Thompson (Christopher Mintz-Plasse).

Fright Night will be available to own and for in-home viewing as follows:

3-Disc Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack (1 Blu-ray 3D + 1 Blu-ray + 1 DVD with Digital Copy)
Suggested Retail Price: $49.99 U.S./$56.99 Canada
Bonus Features:
  • Gag Reel (unrated)
  • Kid Cudi Music Video (uncensored version) “No One Believes Me”
  • Squid Man – Extended & Uncut
  • Peter Vincent: Swim Inside My Mind
  • The Official “How to Make a Funny Vampire Movie” Guide
  • Frightful Facts & Terrifying Trivia
  • 5 Deleted Scenes with intros by Director Craig Gillepsie (Ride to School; Neighborly; Once A Freak, Always A Freak; Midori & Kerosene; and Back at the Penthouse)

2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (1 Blu-ray + 1 DVD)
Suggested Retail Price: $30.99 U.S./$46.99 Canada
Bonus Features:
  • Gag Reel (unrated)
  • Kid Cudi Music Video (uncensored version) “No One Believes Me”
  • Squid Man – Extended & Uncut
  • Peter Vincent: Swim Inside My Mind
  • The Official “How to Make a Funny Vampire Movie” Guide
  • Frightful Facts & Terrifying Trivia
  • 5 Deleted Scenes with intros by Director Craig Gillepsie (Ride to School; Neighborly; Once A Freak, Always A Freak; Midori & Kerosene; and Back at the Penthouse)

1-Disc DVD (1 DVD)
Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 U.S./$35.99 Canada
Bonus Features:
  • Gag Reel (unrated)
  • Kid Cudi Music Video (uncensored version) “No One Believes Me”
  • Squid Man – Extended & Uncut

Digital (3D, High Definition & Standard Definition)
Suggested Retail Price: 3D & High Definition = $39.99 U.S./$35.99 Canada
Standard Definition = $29.99 U.S./$35.99 Canada
Bonus Features:
  • Gag Reel (unrated)
  • Kid Cudi Music Video (uncensored version) “No One Believes Me”
  • Squid Man – Extended & uncut
  • Live in Las Vegas: An Interview with Peter Vincent
  • The Official “How to Make a Funny Vampire Movie” Guide

For additional information and pricing, please contact your television provider or favorite digital retailer. Bonus features are not offered with On-Demand.

STREET DATE: December 13, 2011 (Direct Pre-book: 10/18 / Distributor Pre-book 11/1)
Feature Run Time: 106 minutes
Rating: U.S.: R/Canadian: CE: 14A (Bonus Material Not Rated)

Aspect Ratio: Blu-ray 3D & Blu-ray: 1.78:1 (Feature Film)
DVD: 16x9 Widescreen (Feature Film)

Audio: Blu-ray 3D & Blu-ray: 7.1 DTS-HD MA (English)/ 5.1 Dolby Digital (French & Spanish)
DVD: 5.1 Dolby

Languages& Subtitles: English and French

Film Synopsis:
Senior Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) finally has it all. He’s running with the cool kids and dating the hottest girl in high school (Imogen Poots). But all hell breaks loose when charming Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell) moves in next door. Charley thinks there’s something odd about him, although no one – including his mom (Toni Collette) – seems to notice. But after too many of his classmates vanish under bizarre circumstances, Charley comes to an unmistakable conclusion: Jerry is a vampire preying on his neighborhood!
Social Media:
Those who would like to stay connected with the exciting “Fright Night” release are encouraged to:
  • “Like” the Facebook page at
  • Follow us on Twitter at!/frightnight2011
  • Visit the website and mobile site:

About DreamWorks Studios:
DreamWorks Studios is a motion picture company formed in 2009 and led by Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider in partnership with The Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. The company recently released “The Help,” which has resonated with audiences around the country and has earned over $100 million at U.S. box office. Upcoming releases include Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse.” DreamWorks Studios can be found on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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Winnie the Pooh in stores 10/25! GIVEAWAY!! ENDS 10/28

In exchange for posting a widget I was offered a DVD pack to giveaway, no other payment was received.

Return to the Hundred Acre Wood, for the latest adventure featuring the world’s beloved bear,

Winnie The Pooh! Join Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Christopher Robin, Owl, Kanga, Piglet, Eeyore,

and all of the classic characters you know and love when Walt Disney Pictures releases
Winnie The Pooh on DVD and Blu-Ray October 25, 2011!

●Take The Pooh Personality Quiz! Included in the widget are two different quizzes one

for you and one for your child! Now you can see which character best fits your

personality and so can your children with a quiz just for them!

●Pooh Activities and Downloads! The Winnie The Pooh widget has an awesome

assortment of games and activities so you and your family can have your own

adventure! Download coloring sheets, exclusive “Pooh” cooking recipes, party ideas,

crafts, games and more!
Wanna win your own copy?
Just take the personality quiz and share in the comment section below which Winnie The Pooh character you most resemble! 
Giveaway ends 11:59CST Friday October 28th, Winner Drawn Saturday!
The prize will be sent via FedEx or UPS.  No P.O. Boxes please.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

And the Winner is...

Out of 98 vaild entries in my General Mills Star Wars Giveaway...the winner is...

 Sarah said... 92

your main blog GFC follower as Sarah453

slbastin at gmail dot com

October 16, 2011 4:46 PM

Sending an email now, and you'll have 48 hours to confirm your win!
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Monday, October 10, 2011


‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Finding Nemo,’ ‘Monsters, Inc.’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’ Will Make 3D Theatrical Debut in 2012 and 2013  BURBANK, Calif. – October 4, 2011 –

On the heels of the phenomenal success of The Lion King 3D – which will cross the $80 million mark at the domestic box office today – The Walt Disney Studios has announced limited theatrical engagements for four of its classic films for the first time in 3D.

The following titles from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios will be released in 2012 and 2013:·        

Beauty and the Beast – January 13, 2012·    
 Disney•Pixar’s Finding Nemo – September 14, 2012·
Disney•Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. – January 18, 2013
(Monsters University, a prequel to the original film, arrives in theaters in Disney Digital 3D on June 21, 2013)·        

The Little Mermaid – September 13, 2013

“Great stories and great characters are timeless, and at Disney we’re fortunate to have a treasure trove of both,” said Alan Bergman, President, The Walt Disney Studios. “We’re thrilled to give audiences of all ages the chance to experience these beloved tales in an exciting new way with 3D – and in the case of younger generations, for the first time on the big screen.”

Originally released in 1991, Beauty and the Beast is a classic “tale as old as time” that follows the adventures of Belle, a bright young woman imprisoned in the castle of a mysterious beast and his enchanted staff, who must learn the most important lesson of all – that true beauty comes from within. Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film ever nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Picture, earning an additional five Oscar® nominations and winning two. It has grossed $380.4 million worldwide.

First released in 2003, Disney•Pixar’s Finding Nemo takes audiences into a whole new world in this undersea adventure about family, courage and challenges. When Marlin, an overly cautious clownfish living in the Great Barrier Reef, helplessly watches his son get scooped up by a diver, he must put aside his fears of the ocean and leave the safety of his coral enclave to find Nemo. Buoyed by the companionship of Dory, a forgetful but relentlessly optimistic fish, Marlin finds himself the unlikely hero in a seemingly impossible land-and-sea rescue. Finding Nemo won an Academy Award® for Best Animated Feature and was nominated for three others. With a total of $867.6 million worldwide, it was the second highest-grossing film of 2003.

In 2001, Disney•Pixar released Monsters, Inc. Lovable Sulley and his wisecracking sidekick Mike Wazowski are the top scare team at Monsters, Inc., the scream-processing factory in Monstropolis. But when a little girl named Boo wanders into their world, it’s up to Sulley and Mike to keep her out of sight and get her back home. Monsters, Inc. shattered every DVD-era home entertainment sales record when 11 million DVD/VHS copies were sold during its first week of release. It won an Academy Award® for Best Song and has grossed $526.9 million worldwide.

Released in 1989, The Little Mermaid, stars Ariel, a fun-loving and mischievous mermaid, off on the adventure of a lifetime with her best friend, the adorable Flounder, and the reggae-singing Caribbean crab Sebastian. But it will take all of her courage and determination to make her dreams come true and save her father’s beloved kingdom from the sneaky sea witch Ursula. One of the most celebrated animated films of all time, The Little Mermaid was nominated for three Academy Awards®, winning two. It has grossed $228.9 million worldwide.

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Big G Cereals Star Wars at Walmart! GIVEAWAY!!! Ends 10/16

"Disclosure: The cereal, gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark."

Calling all Star WarsTM fans! Now you can take the Star Wars adventures to new heights by bringing home STAR WARS THE COMPLETE SAGA on Blu-ray Disc September 16th. Relive the unforgettable moments and experience the spectacular adventure of STAR WARS The Complete Saga in a way only Blu-ray can deliver.

This incredible collection unites all six Episodes together for the first time in stunning high definition with the purest digital sound in the galaxy. With over 40 hours of thrilling special features, including all-new content created exclusively for this release, you can journey deeper into the Star Wars universe and discover more than ever before. Feel the Force of STAR WARS The Complete Saga on Blu-ray this September!

In honor of the release, select General Mills Big G cereals have a limited edition Star Wars good versus evil image on their packaging, which when combined creates a full panoramic poster.

Exclusively at Walmart, look for specially marked boxes of Big G cereals, including Honey Nut Cheerios®, Cinnamon Toast Crunch®, and Lucky Charms®. Collect all three to create a Star Wars panoramic poster showcasing your favorite characters, like Darth VadarTM, Luke SkywalkerTM, Han SoloTM, Princess LeiaTM and more.

Marking the first time ever that the full Saga is available in one complete collection, the 9-disc STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA will be available on Blu-ray September 16th, courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

May the force be with you as you check out these Star Wars boxes at your local Walmart for a limited time only!

Find more information about Big G cereals at Whole Grain Nation

Find out more information about Star Wars The Complete Saga at and or

To Enter : Tell me which Star Wars movie moment and/or character is your favorite?

~The Prize~
One box of each of the following cereals to form their own Star Wars panoramic poster:

Honey Nut Cheerios

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Lucky Charms

$25 Walmart gift card

To qualify for your first entry (and any extra entries) you MUST first tell me which Star Wars movie moment and/or character is your favorite and leave your email address!

For extra entries you can:
each one equals one extra entry unless otherwise marked

  • •Friend me on Google Connect on this blog
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  • Subscribe to this Blog on RSS or Email
  • Subscribe to my main blog on RSS or Email
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  • Tweet about this Giveaway, YOU MUST include a link to this post and the hashtag #myblogspark
    (each tweet = 1 entry, can tweet up to twice a day)
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THAT'S 9 Different ways for you to enter! Just make sure to do the Mandatory entry first!
AND be sure to submit a new entry for every method you use!
Also remember to include your Twitter username when submitting a Twitter Follow Entry!

Thanks to MyBlogSpark and General Mills for providing the materials for this giveaway!

Open to US and Canada residents only please. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm CST Sunday October 16th. The winner will be chosen via a random number generator Monday October 17th and announced that same day before noon CST. The winner will be notified by email and required to claim the win within 48 hours. Name, address, and phone number will be required to pass on to MyBlogSpark to get the prize to you.

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And the winner is...

Out of 4 vaild entries in my Masters of Terror Giveaway...the winner is...

SquirrelQueen said... 1

Calculus does the same thing to my brain, good luck.

I love horror movies especially this time of the year.

I follow you on your main blog.

October 6, 2011 6:57 PM
Sending an email now, and you'll have 48 hours to confirm your win!
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

BRIBE! Giveaway!!! MiraMax Masters of Terror DVD Ends 10/9 11:59pmCST

Check it out here
SOOOOooo it's Halloween, my fav time of the year
My brain has been fried for the last week or so because of calculus

is how I'm feeling right now

So I'm Bribing ya'll with the giveaway of 2 awesome DVDs of Horror awesomeness
Five lone survivors in a devastated town must face a ferocious force of evil.

The kids at Herrington High make a chilling discovery that confirms their worst suspicions: their teachers really are from another planet.

When a team of techno-savvy thieves break into a high-security vault, they find a crypt unopened for 100 years.

A werewolf loose in Los Angeles changes the lives of three young adults.

A group of medical students discover the body of the infamous count Dracula.

An L.A. detective finds himself lost in a world of evil when he solves the mysterious puzzle box.

Laurie Strode is still struggling with the horrifying memories of Michael Myers when he suddenly reappears with a vengeance.

Six college students take a wrong turn and find themselves lost in a strangely deserted rural town.
All ya gotta do is a be a follower of this blog, or my main blog.
1 entry per person
Just leave a comment on where you follow or if you follow both ;)
I'll be shipping this DVD out first class to the winner, so I'll need the winner's address once drawn.
Ends 10/9 11:59pmCST
will draw winner that Monday!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Helen Mirren in Shakespeare's The Tempest on BLU-RAY out NOW! Review!

The Closing Night Venice Film Festival Movie! 
Helen Mirren (Best Actress, The Queen, 2006) leading a star-studded cast including Russell Brand (Get Him To The Greek) and Alfred Molina (The Sorcerer's Apprentice). Exiled to a magical island, the sorceress Prospera (Mirren) conjures up a storm that shipwrecks her enemies, and then unleashes her powers for revenge. Directed by the visionary Academy Award®-nominated Julie Taymor (Best Director, Frida, 2002) - and complete with exclusive bonus features - The Tempest, with its innovative twist, is a supernatural dramedy filled with Shakespearean villains, lovers and fools that will leave you spellbound.

  • Raising Tempest:  A look into acclaimed director Julie Taymor's radical re-imagination of Shakespeare's final masterpiece. This bonus will explore the stories behind the making of the film including: shooting where no film has ever shot before on Hawaii's remote island of Lanai; the revolutionary approach composer Elliot Goldenthal took with Shakespeare's most musical play; and the costume and design choices which have brought Shakespeare's LOST to life.

    • Audio Commentary with Director Julie Taymor

    • Annotated Shakespeare - An educational audio commentary with renowned Shakespeare experts Virginia Vaughan, Clark University English Professor and/or Jonathan Bate, University of Warwick Shakespeare & Renaissance Literature Professor.

  • Russell Brand Rehearsal Riff
  • "O Mistress Mine" Music Video
  • Los Angeles Rehearsal

I really enjoy Shakespeare but I've never read or seen The Tempest before, so as soon as I popped in the Blu-Ray I clicked on the making of documentary Raising Tempest to get a clue as to what I was about to experience and it made me even more excited to watch the movie.

This movie can be described in one word...Stunning!

The first thing that struck me was the amazing setting of the film...Lanai, an island in the Hawaiian chain! Simply Beautiful! Then the costumes!!! I would so grab up

You can purchase it now at for $24.96, and free shipping with site to store!

I was provided a free review copy of the movie, however it does not effect my judgement in any way ;)
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Prospera's cloak!...And if I weren't married I'd so grab up Ben Whishaw who plays the spirit uber yum!...The special effects are magical and I just see myself re-watching this fantastic movie over and over again!!
HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie!