Monday, October 3, 2011

The Lion King Diamond Blu-Ray Edition In Stores 10/4!! Review!

The wait is over! For the first time ever, experience the majesty of Disney’s epic animated masterpiece as it roars onto Blu-ray! With a spectacular digital picture, spine-tingling high definition sound and immersive bonus features—as well as the sensational Disney Second Screen viewing experience—you will feel the love for this critically acclaimed and universally beloved classic like never before!
Embark on an extraordinary coming-of-age adventure as Simba, a lion cub who cannot wait to be king, searches for his destiny in the great “Circle of Life.” You will be thrilled by the breathtaking animation, unforgettable Academy Award®–winning music (1994: Best Original Score; Best Original Song, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”) and timeless story. The king of all animated films is destined for greatness on Blu-ray!
Blu-ray Disc Bonus Features Include:

Disney Second Screen: The Lion King Edition*

Disney Second Screen seamlessly synchs a laptop or iPad™ with The Lion King Blu-ray Disc to provide additional content that consumers control as the movie plays.

Bloopers & Outtakes

Inspired by bloopers from the original audio recordings, the filmmakers and animators reunited to animate these hilarious never-before-seen “lost takes.”

Deleted Scenes And Song

Directors Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff introduce 4 never-before-seen deleted scenes.

The Morning Report: Extended Scene

In a paw-tapping, extended musical number, Zazu delivers all the beastly news to Mufasa and Simba.

Pride Of The Lion King

Nearly two decades after it began, The Lion King’s legacy lives on through its award-winning music, beloved characters and one of the most successful Broadway stage productions of all time. Take a look back and hear personal stories from the producers, directors, stars Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and more.

The Lion King: A Memoir – Don Hahn

Producer Don Hahn visits with the animators for an intimate look at the creation of this beloved and classic film.

Interactive Blu-ray Gallery

Go behind the scenes for a rare look at concept art, character designs, visual development and more!

Disney Sing Along Mode

Select this option and the lyrics appear on the screen so you can join in the fun!

Disney’s Virtual Vault

Classic DVD bonus features powered by BD-Live

DVD Bonus Features Include:

The Lion King: A Memoir – Don Hahn

Disney Digital Download Bonus Features Include:

Digital Premiere: Animator’s Reunion

The Lion King: A Memoir – Don Hahn

Computer Animation

With the Voice talents of
Jeremy Irons as Scar
Matthew Broderick as Adult Simba
James Earl Jones as Mufasa 
Nathan Lane as Timon
Whoopi Goldberg as Shenzi

and my personal fav....Rowan Atkinson as Zazu,
it's no wonder why the Lion King is still the highest grossing traditionally animated film so far!
Not only is this film a beautiful piece of art in motion with the gorgeous background of Africa and the skillful way the animators captured the graceful movements of the lions, but the musical score composed by Hans Zimmer adds that extra theatrical perfection! (The Lion King is a Twist on Hamlet!)
I remember watching this movie in theaters with my then 5 year old sister and being glued to the screen...and nothing has changed! The songs are great and fact I still have hakuna matata still stuck in my head
And the characters are lovable and entertaining!
A great Disney Classic...yes, I think it's considered a classic...sigh...I'm old... to add to your collection!
You can Pre-Order your copy of The Lion King Diamond Blu-Ray Edition from here now for $21.99!
I received a free copy of this movie to review, however it did not alter my view of the film in any way!
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